~ What is WikiPreacher?

WikiPreacher harnesses the power of the internet to allow preachers to share sermon materials with one another.  It combines one of the newest of technologies with one of the oldest of human tasks. There are separate sections for sharing quotations and illustrations as well as notes and comments on biblical passages. While the initial list of scripture passages is based on those in the Revised Common Lectionary, it's possible for any user to create a page from which to branch comments on other passages as well.

The difference between this resource and most other sermon-materials web sites is that this one's a wiki.  Like the best-known wiki of all, Wikipedia.org, we envision WikiPreacher - with the valued assistance of volunteers, giving of their time at the grass-roots level - growing into a very large and useful site indeed.

How much does it cost?

Nothing.  That's the beauty of it.  Except for our "Pay it Forward" principle (see below), WikiPreacher is completely free.

Pay it Forward

WikiPreacher operates on the principle of "Pay it Forward."  If you find something you can use here, then please put something back that someone else can use - if not today, then another day very soon.  It's like those "take a penny, leave a penny" dishes on the counter at convenience stores: take a penny out when you need one, but put one back at the next opportunity.  That way, the dish is never empty.

You're on your honor to do this.  Because you're a preacher, we figure you're good for it.

How do I get started?

Just browse the materials we've got online.  When you feel familiar enough with the site to begin contributing some of your own stuff, please consult the instructions in the main menu to the left.  Guideliness for Contributing tells you more about the sort of thing we're looking to see.  How to Post explains the simple process of creating Google Sites subpages, both in the Quotations and Illustrations  section and in the Bible Notes and Commentary section.

If you're really in a hurry - or if you're just an experiential learner - go to our QUICKSTART - Posting to jump right in.

Once you've gotten used to contributing, we'd love it if you'd take on a little editing as well - have a look at the We Love Our Fellow-Workers page to learn more about that.