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Saved from Diving into Empty Pool

A member of a college diving team is training for the Olympics, so he has special privileges that allow him to train at all hours.  He also happens to be going through a spiritual crisis. Friends at the college have been witnessing to him about the Christian faith, but he has not yet turned his life over to Christ.

At one late-night practice session, he enters the deserted pool area, climbs up the ladder to the high-diving board, and is standing there ready to execute his first dive. Just then, he notices that the moonlight, coming through a wall of plate-glass windows behind him, is casting a shadow of his body on the opposite wall in the form of a cross.  Finally convinced of his need to have Jesus in his life, he falls to his knees and commits himself to the Christian way.

Just then, the darkened room is filled with light.  A newly-arrived janitor has thrown the light switch.  The diver looks down and, to his horror, realizes the pool is empty of water.  Had he taken the dive when he was planning to, he would have died.

Jesus saved him.  Jesus will save us, too, if we place our trust in him.