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Money Hidden in a Bible

A father gives his son a new Bible as a college graduation present.  As he does so, he says, "Son, I hope you will discover the treasures that can be found within these pages."

The son thanks his father politely, but feels inwardly disappointed.  "The old man's got lots of money," he thinks to himself.  "He really should have written me a fat check.  Instead, he gives me this.  The old tightwad!"

The son puts the Bible, still in its elegant presentation gift-box, on the upper shelf in his closet, and forgets about it.

He doesn't see his father very often after that, but every time he does, the father gives him sort of a strange look and asks him how he's enjoying reading the Bible he gave him.  "Sure, Dad," replies the son on such occasions, "I'm enjoying it a lot."

It's only after the old man dies, when the son's been asked to read a Bible passage at his funeral, that he takes the book down and discovers his father had inserted a crisp, new hundred-dollar bill at the start of every biblical book.