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Unborn Aspects of Ourselves

The word ["advent"] connotes a longing or hunger for something more in life, something intimated but still unfelt. For Christians, this longing focuses on the divine child, a child who was embodied in the Jesus of history, and who, from a psychological perspective relates us to “unborn” aspects of ourselves. Advent, then, is the season of the unborn… Each of us nurtures some promise that wants to be born. Psychic birth refers to any potential aspect of ourselves that longs for realization; it refers to our “becoming” who we are meant to be.

- Mariann Burke, Advent and Psychic Birth, quoted in First Days Record, November 2000

Cited by Diane Teichert in "Dark of Winter," a sermon preached at the Paint Branch Unitarian Universalist Church, December 6, 2009