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The Broken Logic of Busyness

Busyness is a futile attempt to convey to yourself and to others that you are a person of great importance.  The overwhelming thought process is that a very busy life (for Jesus of course) + work + family + every little thing people ask you (with good intentions of course) = God’s favor and will for your life. This formula will undoubtedly not directly equal God’s favor but instead will equal individual exhaustion.

Jesus, on the other hand, talks about a man who plants a seed and then goes to sleep and rests.  While he is sleeping, corn begins to grow, “first the blade and then the ear, and eventually the full corn appears.”  In short, we should not feel that everything is dependent on us when it comes to the work of the Kingdom of God.  We should do what we are called to do, but not feel that we have to consume every moment in making things happen for God and for God’s Kingdom.

- Tony Campolo, "The Myth of Busyness," Red Letter Christians blog, March 6, 2011