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Berrigan: Easter in Our Bones

"Witness of the resurrection" was a title of honor, self-conferred by the twelve apostles. They were called to take their stand on behalf of life, to the point of undergoing death, as well as death’s analogies -- scorn and rejection, floggings and jail. This is our glory. From Peter and Paul to Martin King and Oscar Romero, we are witnesses of the resurrection. We want to test the resurrection in our bones. To see if we might live in hope. We want to taste the resurrection. May I say we have not been disappointed.

We have longed to taste the resurrection. We have longed to welcome its thunders and quakes, and to echo its great gifts. We want to test the resurrection in our bones. We want to see if we might live in hope instead of in the … twilight thicket of cultural despair, in which standing implies many are lost.

- Daniel Berrigan, quoted by John Dear in the Preface to Testimony: The Word Made Fresh, ed. John Dear (Orbis, 2004).