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Is Scientific Truth the Only Truth?

In an article in the Independent, the atheist Richard Dawkins summed up this view of the issue as follows:

“I believe whatever is supported by evidence. I do not believe something because of faith or revelation, or tradition….. It might indeed be comforting to believe in a god, but just because something is comforting doesn’t make it true. Truth means scientific truth.”

But in the same article, however, Professor Arnold Wolfendale, who was then the Astronomer Royal, affirmed his belief in God, and observed:

“Without my faith, I would not have a frame of reference on which to hang a number of attitudes. Science does not give me that frame of reference: I find it a fascinating subject, but rather cold and impersonal.”

- Science, Religion and Technology Project, "Hasn’t Science Disproved Christianity?"
April 14, 2010