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Trinitarian Discipleship

How do we relate to others so that all aspects of the Divine are glorified? How do we look for our mission, our future?

Joanna Macy, an educator, ecologist and author, suggests three directions, each of which seems to reflect one aspect of the Trinity.

1) To incarnate God the Creator: Work with what is at hand. What has the Father/Creator God given you that is all around you. There is no perfect Job Charming. Find purpose and delight in the small things.

2) To incarnate God the Redeemer: Work with your pain; work through your pain; give your pain a purpose; and work with others in pain. Recognize where you have been so that you will know where others have been. Like Christ, you bear wounds where you have been broken.

3) To incarnate God the Holy Spirit: Work with your passion -- what do you care about? What makes your heart sing? What gets you outside yourself and into the world?

— adapted from Homiletics Online