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Soldier's Gold Watch

During the Second World War a mother in Cincinnati received a letter from her son who was a paratrooper. In his letter he spoke of a woman in a small town in Normandy who had taken him into her home when he was wounded, and hidden him from the Germans. Later on the boy was killed in battle.

His mother could not let go of this event. She saved up for two years to go to Normandy. She crossed the Atlantic and went to the village named in her son's letter. She found the woman who had sheltered her son -- the wife of an impoverished farmer. Then she pressed a package into this woman's hand. It was the gold wristwatch her son had received on his graduation, the only object of real value the boy had ever possessed. The mother's act of gratitude so touched people's hearts that it has become something of a legend in and around this small village in Normandy.

- John Sumwalt, StoryShare