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Gratitude Schmatitude

This page from the gratefulness.org website contains an article, "Gratitude Schmatitude," by Michele Wahlder, that lists 5 common obstacles to gratitude and discusses how to overcome them.

Here's the first one.  For the rest, visit the site.

1.  Obstacle: You don’t feel grateful.
We take a shower when we aren’t in the mood, brush our teeth, go to work, prepare dinner and even exercise. Somehow when it comes to spiritual or personal development practices, we let ourselves off the hook if we “don’t feel like it.” We may not realize that even though spiritual self-care is less tangible, it is just as important as physical self-care.

Solution: “Fake it” till you make it.
Getting your gratitude in motion (i.e. taking action) is one of the most important aspects of shifting from a negative to a positive, grateful paradigm. Choosing to “fake it”—choosing gratitude even when you are not feeling particularly grateful—is the first step to actually becoming grateful. Just as uplifting or upbeat music can lift our mood, so does a conscious choice to express gratitude elevate our state of mind.