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Dyer: Blessings of Gratitude

When you begin to focus on being thankful for all that you have--the water you drink, the sun that warms you, the air you breathe, and everything that is a gift from God, you will be using your thoughts (your entire essence) to dwell on abundance and your humanity.  Keep in mind that you are one cell in a body of humanity, and that cell requires harmony within in order to cooperate with the adjacent cells.  As you do this, your energy will shift to the miracle of your being here.  While you are focused on the miracle that you are and all that surrounds you, you cannot be focused on what you are not, and what seems missing from your world.  As you practice being thankful, expand the list of things that you are thankful for.  Friends and family.  Clothes and food.  Any money that you have.  All of your possessions, every single thing that has come into your life for you to use while you are here.  I mean every single thing.  The pencil, the fork, the chair, everything.  Begin to focus on how thankful you are to have these things in your life now, when you need them.  Think of them as yours to use temporarily before sending them back into circulation.  Once you train yourself to begin the process of being thankful for everyone and everything that comes your way, as well as being appreciative of your very humanity, you are on your way toward eliminating a scarcity mentality.

- Wayne Dyer, You'll See It When You Believe It: The Way to Your Personal Transformation (Harper, 2001), p. 122.