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The Monk Was Still Carrying Her

There's an old story of two monks who were on a long walking journey and who came to a ford in a river.  There they found a young woman dressed in splendid clothing.  She needed to cross the river, but did not want to just wade in and ruin her gown.

One of the monks hoisted her onto his back, carried her across and set her down on the far bank.  Bidding farewell to her, the two of them continued on their pilgrimage, but were troubled in spirit.  After a time, the other monk said to his companion,  "It is against the rule of our order for any monk to touch a woman.  How could you do such a thing?"

The monk who had carried the girl walked along in silence for a time, then turned to his companion and said quietly:  "I set the girl down by the river an hour ago.  Why are you still carrying her?"