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No Pain, No Gain

This is the paradox of the cross, that the place of our deepest pain is the point where redemption begins. As the marathon runner knows, a muscle is built up first by being exercised – effectively torn apart and broken down until protein fills in the gaps in the tissue to create a stronger body. So it is with the life of faith.  When Jesus bore the world’s brokenness on the cross, God’s grace filled in the gap between human sin and God’s righteousness, building a stronger body by uniting us with God through Christ as one. Today, the scars on Christ’s body represent the brokenness and sin of the world that can break us down, create gaps in our faith, and tear us apart as a human family. In this painful and anxious place, God’s grace fills in the gaps by the work and power of the Holy Spirit, building us all into a stronger body of believers, and making the moment of crisis a means of transformation within disciples, communities, and the world.

- Katie Crowe