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The Ethic of Giving

Catholic theologian Jean-Luc Marion says that "the ethic of giving" is the telltale sign that God's image is under construction in us.  The evidence that God's image is being restored in individuals and in church is our giving — we give Christ, who established the church to bear his fruit in the world.  We are flimsy boughs for such abundant fruit.  Yet scripture repeatedly describes God's preferential option for the unlikely.  God calls people not for what they have but for what they lack.  Empty hands receive, empty wombs are filled, empty tombs proclaim resurrection....  God asks us to give Christ — who transforms us, dwells within us and fills us with his self-giving love.  "It is no longer I who live, but it is Christ who lives in me," says Paul (Gal.  2:20).

- Kenda Creasy Dean, "Faith, nice and easy - The almost-Christian formation of teens,"
The Christian Century, August 10, 2010.