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Some birds build nests right beside the water, sometimes only inches away.  If there's a flood, the nests will be destroyed and the eggs won't hatch.

In the case of some endangered species, conservationists have built special rafts, covered them with cattails and reeds, then anchored them loosely to the ground.  It's an ideal location for a bird's nest, and when the birds do use it, the little raft rises with the flood waters, keeping the eggs safe.

The birds never thank the conservationists for their rafts.  They may not even know the human constructed them just for them.

It's not often that stewards receive thanks, either.  Yet, the world is a better place for their gifts, which provides spiritual habitat for others who may be in desperate need.

- Adapted from an article in the April 2010 "Stewardship" flyer published by Parish Publications