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Pay It Forward, Gratefully

God gave us Jesus Christ to save us. Jesus gave himself. We can’t thrust the gift back… there is no “back” where we can send such a gift. It is just there for us to deal with. We can look at it, use it, study it... but nothing we do will make us even, nothing will fully repay Jesus for his gift of himself to us, to the world. Our only option, if we are moved by a need to give back, to be even steven, is, as a friend of mine told me once, to avoid trying to “give back,” and instead “give forward.” It’s what stewardship, support of mission, support of ministries for children and young people in the church are about. It’s what we’re always yammering about in the church, drumming up enthusiasm for things we are often reluctant to do, especially if they involve giving away our money or our time or both.

- Rob Elder, from a sermon, "Jesus’ Prayer,"  May 13, 2012