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Excuses, Excuses

(Many years go, humorist Bennett Cerf put together a list of monthly excuses for “why business isn’t so good.”  His list could be adapted to provide a ready excuse, any time of the year, for why church giving isn’t so good.)

January – People spent all their cash for the holidays.
February – All the best customers have gone south.
March -- Everybody’s preoccupied with income taxes.
April – Unseasonable cold; spent too much on Easter.
May – Too much rain; farmers distressed.
June – Not enough rain; farmers distressed.
July – Heat has people down.
August – Everybody away on vacation.
September -- Everybody back...broke.
October -- Unseasonable heat...and customers are waiting to see how fall clearance sales turn out.
November – Everybody too upset over elections.
December -- Customers too busy with holiday shopping.”

– Bennett Cerf, The American Salesman