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Charles Wesley: "Happy the Multitude"

A little-known hymn of Charles Wesley, based on the statement in Acts that the apostles "had all things in commmon":

1. Happy the multitude
(But far above our sphere)
Redeemed by Jesus’ blood
From all we covet here!
To him, and to each other joined,
They all were of one heart and mind.

3. Their goods were free to all,
Appropriated to none,
While none presumed to call
What he possessed his own;
The difference base of thine and mine
Was lost in charity Divine.

4. No overplus, no need,
No rich or poor were there,
Content with daily bread
Where all enjoyed their share; 
With every common blessing blessed
They nothing had, yet all possessed.

- Charles Wesley, "Happy the Multitude," in S.T. Kimbrough, The Unpublished Poetry of Charles Wesley (Nashville: Kingswood, 1992), 2:295–96.