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Champion Lemon-Squeezer

There’s an old  story about a strongman at a circus sideshow.  His schtick is to demonstrate his physical prowess by squeezing the juice from a lemon between his two hands.  After performing this feat, the strongman holds up a hundred-dollar bill and announces to the wondering crowd, “I offer this bill to anyone who can squeeze a single drop more from this lemon.  Many have tried, but no one has ever succeeded in claiming my hundred dollars!”

That is, until one day when a thin, frail-looking man steps forward.  He picks up the lemon, strains hard and manages to get just a drop.  Then he frowns with concentration and squeezes some more.  He gets another drop, and another, until finally he’s able to fill a small glass.

The strongman is flabbergasted.  He hands over the man’s reward, then asks, “What is the secret of your amazing strength?”

“Practice,” the man replies.  “I’ve been a church treasurer for thirty-two years!”