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Birthdays: A Time to Give to Others

One of the rituals that I've made a part of my life is the celebration of my birthday once a month. I used to make plans for a retreat day every month but seldom kept my good intention. I needed to find a way to help me remember to do this on a monthly basis so I chose the day of my birth. On the twenty-eighth of every month I make a special effort to spend more time in prayer, to have a greater awareness of others, to spend some time with beauty, to reflect gratefully on my birth. It is a celebration of what is
most important in life. Even when I'm traveling and can't take a day off, I still find ways to make this day unique. For me, it's not a day to receive presents. It's a day to be present. I also try to give a little gift to someone on this day.

- Macrina Wiederkehr, Gold in Your Memories: Sacred Moments, Glimpses of
(Ave Maria Press, 1998).