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A Blanket and a Drawer

From "A Blanket and a Drawer"
11/21/11 blog entry by Wendy Bailey, "Changing Church - Changing World" blog

I was confined to bed rest during the last half of my pregnancy before my daughter, Kate, was born….  

Because of my mandatory confinement to the bed or the couch, I was unable to do the usual baby shopping and preparations.  I was also feeling quite sorry for myself and afraid that I wouldn't be able to give my daughter everything she'd need during her first few weeks.  One Tuesday afternoon, I was complaining … well, whining really … about this.  I was frustrated, and I wondered out loud how I'd get the highchair, baby carrier, basinette, stroller, baby bathtub, etc. etc. that we needed.

The wise woman visiting that afternoon, listened intently.  When I finished, she very firmly and warmly asked, "Do you have a blanket?"  I nodded.  "Do you have a drawer you can empty?"  I looked at her quizzically.  "Dear, if you have a blanket and a drawer, you have everything a newborn needs."  In that moment I was transformed;  instead of feeling sorry for myself and afraid I couldn't provide, I felt overwhelmed with gratitude for what I did have….

My daughter never slept in a drawer, and she had a lot more than a blanket.  It's amazing how much more than enough we have, isn't it?