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Salvation Means Safety

"Salvation" wasn't a word that Jesus used much; maybe just one time. Paul used it more. The term means "safety." As the institutional church took form and, inevitably, sought power over people's lives, it made itself the gatekeeper of salvation, in the sense of heavenly existence with God. The Protestant Reformation denied Rome's "works soteriology," and said we were "saved by faith." Either way, the gate to heaven was being closely guarded.

Is eternity with God something worth seeking? That's for every believing person to decide. Some believe that God loves us always, even after death. Eternal life, then, isn't a prized to be won or lost. It's a fact, given to all. By that belief, we should live today as well as we can, and trust in God to take care of the rest.

Others belief that we work out our salvation by the choices we make today.

- Tom Ehrich, "Morning Walk" blog, 3/21/11