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God Pulls Attacker Out of Our Back Seat

The following story, about a woman who's just stopped at a truck stop for gas, is a parable of how the idea of God - and, particularly our welcoming God into our lives - may seem like something we don't especially want.  Yet, as the story indicates, the stakes may be higher than we think:

As she pulled onto the freeway she noticed a truck pulled out and followed her. No matter how fast she went, the trucker stayed behind her. This went on for several miles until, she pulled off onto the side of the road and jumped out of her car. As she ran away, she looked back and watched as the truck driver jumped out of the cab of his truck, ran to her car, threw open the back door, and dragged a man out of the back seat. To her horror, the woman realized that a would be attacker had hidden in her car. The trucker had seen him and was trying to catch up to her to save her life.

- Walt Kallestad, Christian Faith: The Basics (Augsburg, 1999), pp. 32–33.