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DeGaulle's Daughter Is "Now Like the Others"

Historians tell us that Charles DeGaulle was a World War II hero and later president of France.  What the historians do not so often tell us is that Charles DeGaulle and his wife, Evonne, were the parents of a Down Syndrome child, a little girl named Ann.  Charles and Evonne would spend time at the end of every day with their children, making sure to spend some extra time playing with this very special child, Ann.  When they would put her to bed, Evonne would sometimes say, "Oh, Charles, I have often prayed that she could have been like the other children.  Why was she not like the others?"

When Ann died at a very young age, the DeGaulles had a private graveside funeral service.  When the service was over, everyone left the grave except Evonne.  Grief-stricken, she could not pull herself away from Ann's grave, but stood there sobbing.  Charles went back to her and touched her arm gently.  "Come, Evonne," he said.  "Did you not hear the promise of the resurrection?  She is now like the others."

- Thomas Long, "So, What about the Resurrection?"
Presbyterian Church (USA) Speaker The Rev. Dr. Thomas G. Long
February 15, 2004
1 Corinthians 15:12-20