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Three Aspects of Reconciliation

First, the reconciliation found in the Bible is one-sided. God alone reconciles the world to himself. The world has nothing to offer, no desire to be reconciled in this way, or even the capacity to imagine it. Secondly, reconciliation proceeds by conflict. It is not a straight line to peace, quiet, and harmony. At the center is Jesus on his cross, which the Bible presents as the zenith of human and cosmic enmity against God. Third, the promise of reconciliation remains always a promise. It is an "end" event, a "last" thing, an ultimate truth that exerts its drawing power or pull upon the direction of human lives and history, but remains imperfect throughout our days.

-  Edward A. Dowey, Jr., A Commentary on the Confession of 1967 (Philadelphia: Westminster Press, 1968), p. 39.