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Ride the Donkey: Incarnation in Action

I sometimes think that many Evangelical Christians tend toward becoming modern counterparts of the ancient Gnostics. While the theologically liberal doubt the deity of Jesus, we have a tendency to diminish His humanity.

We find it disconcerting and uncomfortable to view Jesus as fully human. We want to perpetuate the belief the He was different from the rest of us, that He had powers and knowledge that were super-human....

But God entered human history by giving up power in order to bring men and women into His kingdom through His love. He chose to redeem humanity and transform society through sacrificial self-giving, rather than through dominant demonstrations of power.

Jesus really did abandon power when He lived among us. He wasn’t simply holding back and pretending to possess our physical limitations – He truly was one of us. Sometimes we react negatively to that fact and try to suppress it. We want to think of Jesus as a God who disguised Himself as an ordinary man but, at will, could step into a phone booth, rip off His robes and show us who He really was: a first-century Superman….

On Palm Sunday we remember Jesus Christ, fully God and fully man, humbling himself by riding into Jerusalem on a donkey not to overtake the city but that through Him the city, and the world, might be saved.

- Tony Campolo, "Ride the Donkey: Love Over Power," Red Letter Christians blog. April 17, 2011