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The Greatest Moment of Your Life

(What is the greatest moment of your life?  asks John Ortberg. He lists a few possibilities...)

You may remember the moment you fell in love, the moment your child was born, the moment God became real to you, or the moment you discovered how [God] had gifted you. But I want to offer another candidate.

I believe that the greatest moment of your life is this moment right here.  This tick of the clock.

This beat of your heart. The greatest moment of your life is now.

Not because it’s pleasant or happy or easy, but because this moment is the only moment you’ve got.  Every past moment is irretrievably gone.  It’s never coming back.  If you live there, you will lose your life.

And the future is always out there somewhere. You can spend an eternity waiting for tomorrow, or worrying about tomorrow.  If you live there, you likewise will lose your life.

This moment is God’s irreplaceable gift to you.  Most of all, this is the moment that matters because this moment is where God is.  If you are going to be with God at all, you must be with God now – in this moment.

- John Ortberg, God Is Closer Than You Think (Zondervan, 2009)

The spiritual genius of Jesus Christ – or, at least, a large part of it – is that he seems, always, to dwell in God’s presence, wholly and completely.  “The Father and I are one,” he says, in John 10:30 – and he means it.