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Anything But a Bad Neighbor

According to a Mexican legend, San Ysidro was plowing his garden when an angel appeared: “The Lord wants to see you, Ysidro. Come with me.” But Ysidro was busy. He refused the command.

Again the angel appeared: “Unless you come at once, the Lord will send winds and drought to wither your corn.” Ysidro was unperturbed. He had fought the wind before; drought could be relieved by river.

Twice more the angel appeared, but Ysidro would not leave his work. The fourth time, the angel said simply: “If you do not come with me, the Lord will send you a bad neighbor.”

Ysidro paused in the middle of the row and turned to the messenger. “I’ll go with you now,” he said quietly. “I can stand anything but that.” 

- Paul Lee Tan, Encyclopedia of 7700 Illustrations (Garland, Texas: Bible Communications, 1996).