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In Search of Stones

In his autobiographical collection of essays, In Search of Stones, Christian psychologist M. Scott Peck tells the story of an extended trip he and his wife took across the British Isles, searching out ancient stone circles and other Neolithic monuments.  In the book, he confesses “an addiction to stones.”  It was the mystery of these monuments that called out to him and led him on.  Some of them, such as the massive upright slabs of Stonehenge, have stood for thousands of years, but have yet to yield up their secrets.  Who went to the tremendous effort to construct such monuments, and why?

Peck comments on the enduring allure of mystery in the spiritual life: “To have a full-blown taste for mystery one must delight both in solving mysteries and in not solving them; in finding explanations for things and in living with things for which there currently is no explanation and which may be forever beyond explanation.”

— M. Scott Peck, In Search of Stones (Pocket Books, 1997).