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Notes open the gateways of our hearts. We are moved by the melody that touches, soothes, awakens, releases, or inspires our heart centers. We know when a melody reaches our heartstrings because tears come and emotions that sometimes surprise us burst forth. It's not a cognitive process; it's about feeling.

Our expressions show the connection between melody and the heart. When music is memorized, we say we know it by heart. When we belt out a tune, we say we're singing our hearts out. We listen to our heart song, and hearing our favorite song plays on our heartstrings. The term heartstring actually comes from the chordae tendineae, which are the tendons that open and close the heart valves....

Melody is a powerful healing force that allows us to move more deeply into a place of love that is a genesis of healing.

- Christine Stevens, Music Medicine: The Science and Spirit of Healing Yourself with Sound (Sounds True, 2012).