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Jesus' Warning Labels on Money

From a sermon by Pastor Alan Storey, 
Text: Matthew 6:24-34
February 24, 2011
Preached during Luther Seminary chapel

Do you see why we have an offering when we come to worship? We do not have an offering to keep the lights on. We do not have an offering to pay the pastor. We have an offering because God knows that is the one thing that can relocate our hearts. When we have an offering we give people an opportunity to relocate their hearts. Where our treasure is, there is our heart.

If Jesus had to print money, this is what he would print on it:
Handle with extreme care
Has the power to relocate your heart
Keep out of reach of the rich
Taking too much can result in an overdose
Regardless of the room temperature it should not be stored up for too long
Works best when given away in the care of others
Consult your doctor, Matthew 6, if your desire for more persists beyond your need
Stop being obsessed with fashion, food and finances in the way that you are obsessed with fashion, food and finances. Granted, Jesus also was obsessed with fashion, food and finances—but fashion for the naked, food for the hungry and finances for the poor.