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Finding Our Thumbprint

I think also a pastor has to be able to be a transmitter of the gospel. I won’t say communicator, everybody uses that term. I think the preacher, every preacher, has to see the gospel from his or her own slant, though his or her own lens.

I spent a couple of years teaching at Shaw University Divinity School, and one evening in a class I just happened to come upon an idea. You take this thumbprint and it’s unique, and there has never been one like it in the history of the world. And I think each preacher has an individuality. Though we’re all dealing with the same thing, there is a shade of difference. Like the thumbprint…is unique, and police bureaus can take it and trace it and separate me from everybody else. And if that’s unique, then something closer in must be. So, every preacher has to find who he or she is.

- Gardner C. Taylor, interviewed on FaithAndLeadership.com, February 24, 2009