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The Low Road Leads to High Places

Followers of Jesus for centuries have cherished the virtue of humility.  And humility is one of the essential ingredients for team-based community.  A quick look at what humility isn’t.

Humility is not:

    - Simply agreeing when you really don’t;
    - Saying the right thing all the time – well, I really don’t know what to do or you always know better than I do – when it is insincere and a tactic to manipulate.
    - A feigned state rather than a true condition of the heart.

Humility is:

    - An accurate assessment of yourself including a clear understanding of your strengths and weaknesses and the fact others are better than you at various things.
    - An awareness of your limited perceptions.
    - A curious orientation to life that is constantly learning and questioning rather than living out of a confined paradigm.
    - A respect for life.
    - A deep spiritual awareness of God who is Creator and we are earth creatures – humility comes from the latin humus:  of the earth, low.

Humility is essential for team ministry to occur.  Arrogance is a primal evil.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”  — Michael Jordan.

- George Cladis, "The Low Road Leads to High Places,” For Those Who Lead And Manage With Teams Blog, January 27, 2011.