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Down Syndrome Man Worried About Jesus

On Good Friday, will we be like those wonderful, courageous women who stay with Jesus at the foot of his cross?  Will we weep for our sins that helped drive in those nails?

You may think, “That was 2000 years ago.  How can something Jesus did back then affect me now, or how could my sins have helped put him on the cross?”  How is that possible?  Only through time travel.  Think it’s not possible? 
My greatest teacher in time travel is my friend, Bill Cleavinger.  Bill is one of my most dependable acolytes and is, to my knowledge, our only parishioner with down syndrome.  Two years ago, on Palm Sunday, Bill was sitting in the choir, and at the conclusion of the Passion narrative, with Jesus sealed in the tomb, Bill slumped forward and hung his head.  A choir member next to Bill asked if he was feeling OK.  Bill shook his head, “No.”

They asked, “What’s the matter, Bill?”

Bill said, “I’m just really worried about Jesus.”

Bill gets time travel.  He has the gift of being able to experience our Story with an urgency and immediacy that I envy for every Christian.

- Michael Blewett
Sermon for Palm Sunday, "With"