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Only 4 Things Grow a Church

My experience has taught me only four things grow a church (other than the Holy Spirit)
1. Bringing people to Christ and/or to the church- this is the number one reason church plants stop growing and established churches start declining.
2. Retaining them long enough to disciple them - this includes first impressions, worship, and small groups
3. Discipling them- this requires a farm system and a clearly marked path to some level of leadership.
4. Sending them back out into the world to be backyard missionaries - this involves making a difference in the community.
Now it doesn't matter which comes first - bringing in or sending out. Like the chicken and the egg, who can tell.
Don't let the missional conversations confuse you - both must be present in any form of church with or without buildings and/or location.

- Bill Easum, message posted on Facebook, 3/28/11