We Are the Easter Story's Principal Characters

(From Walter Wangerin - sermon notes on Matthew's Easter account posted online…)

Eventually, here:

On Friday night we left the church in a solemn and isolating silence.  This Sunday morning we cry with an astonished gladness, "He is risen!" We are the story.  Not only do we hear it told again-we act it out.  We are overcome with fear, creatures suddenly witnessing the terrible glory of the Creator; and at the same time we are overcome with joy, for the Creator has created for us the life that defeats death.

We are this story's principle characters, except for the protagonist, except for the hero, except for Jesus, who meets us at the cross-road and greets us right out loud, words audible to our ears: "Hush.  Don't be afraid.  Tell the rest of the disciples to get on up to Galilee where we'll meet one last time."

In other words, on Easter Sunday the preacher-artist's primary business (for the service of the word) is to tell the new story-is to climax the entire Passion narrative with the radiant narrative of life and eternal life.