Slightly Puzzling Holiday

I'm in Shanghai, China, right now and I picked up a copy of the only English language paper in town. the Shanghai Daily News, when I saw a front page blurb about an article inside.

The blurb read: "Easter Egging It: Chocolate eggs, rabbits and buns ... that's what will be on the minds of people celebrating Easter."

That sounded interesting, so I turned to C8 inside to find the following headline: "A Slightly Puzzling Religious Holiday."

The article began by noting that most of the country's 1.3 billion people don't have a clue about Easter.

The story then developes some history about puzzling Easter traditions, like the egg, the Easter hare, hot-cross buns, and more. While all of these traditions developed out of a religious ethos, today, the religious context has been lost for most people.

That's why, for millions of Chinese, Easter is a "slightly puzzling religious celebration."

Here's your lead for the sermon tomorrow. It's puzzling to millions of Chinese--and perhaps millions of other non-Christians around the world. Is it any clearer for us? Can we who are Christians make sense of this?

- Timothy Merrill, from the March 22, 2008 entry in his blog: