Powerless Love Trumps Loveless Power

Easter has less to do with one person's escape from the grave than with the victory of seemingly powerless love over loveless power.  And let us also emphasize this: too often, Easter comes across very sentimentally like a dessert wafer – airy and sweet. But there's nothing sentimental about Easter: Easter represents a demand as well as a promise, a demand not that we sympathize with the crucified Christ, but that we pledge our loyalty to the Risen One.  That means an end to all loyalties, to all people, and to all institutions that crucify.  I don't see how you can proclaim allegiance to the risen Lord and then allow life once again to lull you to sleep, to smother you in convention, to choke you with success.

- William Sloane Coffin, Letters to a Young Doubter (John Knox, 2005), p. 169.