Luther: Easter - For Us!

Behold Jesus Christ, the King of glory, rising from the dead.  Here the heart can find its supreme joy and lasting possessions.  Here there is not the slightest trace of evil, for "Christ being risen from the dead, will not die again.  Death no longer has dominion over him."  Here is that furnace of love and the fire of God in Zion, as Isaiah says, for Christ is not only born to us, but also given to us [Isa. 9:6].  Therefore, his resurrection and everything that he accomplished through it are mine.  In Romans 8:32 the Apostle exults in exuberant joy, "Has he not also given me all things with him?"
Martin Luther, Daily Readings from Luther's Writings, ed. By Barbara Owen (Minneapolis: Augsburg , 1993), p. 117.