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Jesus Bypassed the Best and the Brightest

In the Nooma video, Dust, Rob Bell paints a picture of discipleship that is so much more than simply learning about God. Discipleship is about a relationship with God. The Jewish people in Jesus’ day had a way of knowing God. Their elementary school experience involved memorizing the first five books of the Bible. That’s right: they memorized Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy! Middle school was about memorizing the rest of what we know as the Old Testament. Then, the best and the brightest would apply to learn from a rabbi. If the rabbi believed the student could live his life, take on his yoke, then the rabbi would invite the student to follow and learn from him. A student not yoked to a tabbi would learn the family business. Where did Jesus find his disciples? They were already at work in the family business. They were not the best of the best! But Jesus invited them to take on his yoke because he believed they could live his life. Jesus believes that we can live his life!

- From the Presbyterian Church (USA) evangelism training resource, Engage (Louisville: General Assembly Mission Council, 2011), p. 17.