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God Emerges Softly from Behind the Storm

I find it compelling to think of God questions as those which face us when we emerge from our smallness. Many raise these questions only in times of extremity, as if God's only role is to throw disasters at us every now and again. God becomes the enemy to be overcome with good planning. To be sure, God is in the storm, the earthquake, the tsunami-but God is also in the rescue, the selfless act, the courageous response, the loving community we become aware of when our defenses are down. Against those who would preach a tame, sweet, nice God, I see a God who is master of the winds and rain, time and eternity, to whom we wail upon the death of thousands and praise upon the rescue of a single soul. But most of all, I see a God who, when life is stripped down to its barest minimum, can emerge softly because the noise of the world is no longer in the way.

- Tim Muldoon, "Water or Ash: God in the Storm," Patheos.com, August 29, 2011