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Follow Jesus, and You Can't Escape Meeting Demons

Mark’s point seems to be that if you stay with Jesus and are serious about following him as a disciple, you cannot escape this demon thing. That’s because the places Jesus will take you are places in need of a Savior, places where someone is hurting because something evil has taken over. Today we may not want to call it demonic. We may refer to it by more medically and psychologically sophisticated names today, but can we not all agree that something has gone wrong for too many people? Isn’t it obvious that something has grabbed hold of their lives and it won’t let go? Yes, and like the very first disciples, Jesus has called us to do something about it.

- M. Craig Barnes, "Believing for Others," a sermon on Mark 9:14–29 preached at Shadyside Presbyerian Church, Pittsburgh, May 22, 2005.