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Competitive Christianity?

An American understanding of competition has no place in the life of the church.  Our "reward" for following Christ's call on our lives is most often not about winning or coming in first, but by simply knowing that, at the depths of our souls, we are doing what God intends. There will be times when our theological beliefs or positions may indeed "win" within ecclesiastical or political arenas, but our challenge is to be faithful to God's calling even if it means the "podium" is a mile away, we aren't even listed on the ballot or the only thing we raise above our heads are prayers of frustration because our voice is not heard.  Ultimately, if the church places competition and winning before community, we begin to see others as less-than, unworthy of acknowledgement and, in essence, a failure at being a child of God. And when we can look at someone as not created equally, we can then oppress, marginalize and ignore all in the name of the church . . . A church that somehow is made up of "winners."

Now I am in no way saying that we should stop trying to do well or to seek excellence in the church.  All I am saying is that the driving force behind the life of the church must not be one based on winning, recognition or the "reward" at the end of the day.  What should drive our life as the church is the knowledge and belief that God has already rewarded us with the very breath we breathe in the morning, the wonder of creation around us and the promise of life everlasting in Christ.  

So win, lose or come in dead last, Jesus couldn't really care less.  

Just be faithful.

Just be faithful.

Just be faithful. 

- Bruce Reyes-Chow