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Jumping Hand in Hand

Two very different perspectives on the iconic image from 9/11, of a man and a woman jumping out of an upper-story window of one of the burning World Trade Center towers.  First, author Ian McEwan:

"To me it was just the bleakest possible image of the whole thing.  What I saw was utter desperation... I found no hope in that at all. If there is a God, he's a very indifferent God."

Second, author and English professor Brian Doyle:

"They reached for each other, and their hands met, and they jumped.  I keep coming back to his hand in her hand.... It's the most powerful prayer I can imagine - the most eloquent, the most graceful.... It's what makes me believe that we're not fools to believe in God."

- both quoted on a section of the PBS-TV website describing "Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero," a 9/3/02 documentary on faith and 9/11