David Finds Focus

David is not a trained warrior, but he has other skills that are valuable on the battlefield.  His unerring aim with a smooth stone in a sling, practiced through long hours watching the sheep and, in practice, warding off wild animals, proves more effective than Goliath’s massive iron spear.  He delivers the killing blow before he is even in range of the giant’s weapons.  On a much smaller scale, and in a more low-tech way, David’s smooth stones are as effective as the drones our government is using in the Middle East. Also, Goliath is likely off his guard because he can’t imagine that such a young lad could in any way threaten him.

Staring down a giant, David...
1. Suppresses pride (unlike Goliath), approaching his task with humility
2. Knows how to be himself, relying on the skills he knows he has (dispensing with Saul’s ill-fitting armor)
3. Finds focus
4. Trusts God