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Come and See

Unlike stories in the Synoptic Gospels of Jesus calling his disciples, in this case it is not so much Jesus discovering them, as them discovering him.  Jesus has a distinctly laid-back approach to the task corporate America calls “head-hunting.”  Some of the evangelistic work is done by others, as Philip brings Nathanael to him (and Andrew brings his brother Simon in v. 41).  Jesus’ question “What do you seek?” (v. 48) displays his genius.  Far from telling these men what they must do, Jesus opens a dialogue with them.  When he finally pops the question, his offer, “Come and see,” is more invitation than command.  This is evangelism at its best.  (Nathanael, by the way – who is never mentioned in the other Gospels – may or may not be one of the Twelve, in John’s eyes.  Some have suggested he is the same person as Bartholomew, but it’s possible that John sees him simply as one of the outer circle of disciples.)