You must join the WikiPreacher Google Group first*, then access the site at this URL:


(If you access it through www.wikipreacher.org, you'll be able read items, but you won't be able to post new material or edit existing material.)

Once you've done that, here's how to post:

1) GO TO the page you'd like to branch from
2) Click on "CREATE PAGE" button at UPPER RIGHT
3) Key in your TITLE
4) Select "PUT PAGE UNDER" (name of the page you're branching from)
5) Click on "CREATE PAGE" button at LOWER LEFT
6) Key in the TEXT of your item
7) Click on "SAVE" button at upper right

It's easier than it sounds.  Just try it!

For more details, click on "Guidelines for Contributing" and "How to Post," in the menu to the left.

* = The WikiPreacher Google Group functions as our one-time, automated registration process for contributors.  Signing up is free.  Once you do, and IF YOU ACCESS THE SITE THROUGH THE GOOGLE SITES URL ABOVE, the "Create Page" and "Edit Page" buttons you'll need will become visible.